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Improve your employee experience on autopilot via our 1,000+ integrations

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We help you to close your employee experience gap

More than 80% of companies think they deliver a superior experience, while only 8% of their employees agree. Take control over this employee experience gap and improve your employee journey by collecting feedback on autopilot via Ratecard.

Employee journey with touch points: set up and map your employee experience within Ratecard

Set up and map your employee journey

Map your employee journey within Ratecard in order to automate closing your employee feedback loop. For each employee touch point within your process. So you can improve your employee experience every day.

  • Connect to touch points within your employee journey

    We'll automatically capture employee data from the ATS, CRM or ERP you are using to administer your employee journey, for each touch point

  • Measure and improve each touch point to grow

    Don't stop at knowing what happens, but know why it happens and improve each employee touch point to grow your business

Survey builder for CSAT, CES and NPS for creating forms that are optimised for conversion in Ratecard

Ask the right questions so you can learn

Ask the right questions within each touch point of your candidate journey, so you can learn how to improve your candidate experience and know what makes your candidates tick.

  • Our metrics: CSAT, CES and NPS

    Measure your Candidate Satisfaction (CSAT), Candidate Effort Score (CES), and Net Promoter Score (NPS) in order to learn how to improve

  • 100+ proven templates for each touch point

    Make use of our expertise and proven survey templates in helping you to measure and improve your candidate experience

Campaign scheduler to collect feedback on autopilot and measure your candidate experience via Ratecard

Ask for feedback at the right time

Timing is everything for collecting precise and as much as possible candidate experience and feedback data. Take maximum control over your timing thanks to our highly customisable scheduling options.

  • Trigger surveys from your system (optional: add a delay)

    We capture data from your ATS, CRM or ERP in real time, so you can trigger surveys in real time as well - with a delay, if necessary

  • Send event-based, recurring or one-time campaigns

    Automate your feedback loop by triggering surveys based on an event, or sending recurring campaigns periodically (e.g. every quarter)

Personalised messages sent to collect feedback and reviews on autopilot via Ratecard

Send automated messages that feel human

Our messages can be fully personalised. This maximises conversion, and prevents sending generic and spammy messages. It makes your ask for feedback turn into a positive candidate experience.

  • Use your candidate's favorite channel: Email, QR, SMS or web

    Measure your candidate's journey in each channel, and make sure you capture the candidate's full experience

  • Personalise sender and signature to optimise conversion

    Messages can be sent from the person that's in contact with the specific candidate automatically to increase personal touch and recognizability

Integrations that help you collect feedback and reviews on autopilot via Ratecard

Integrated with your process: 100% on autopilot

We promise to help you collect feedback and reviews on autopilot in order to measure your candidate journey, and improve your candidate experience. That's how we save you(r company) time - and money.

  • Out-of-the-box integration with your favourite apps & tools

    We focus on integrating with your favourite ATS, CRM or ERP in order to let you have a kickstart on our platform with a plug-and-play integration

  • Save time and money by automating your feedback loop

    By automating your feedback loop you can focus on the actionable insights gathered, and improve your candidate experience itself

Feedback inbox, reports and actionable insights that help you improve every day via Ratecard

Get actionable insights to improve every day

Candidate experience management doesn't stop at collecting feedback. Act on insights you've gathered by assigning, replying, making notes and closing the feedback loop to improve every day.

  • Assign, reply, take notes and close the feedback loop

    Take full control over your feedback loop and act to improve every day and (further) grow your company

  • Get valuable insights and find candidate experience drivers

    Filter and analyze insights to make sure you'll find candidate experience drivers that are crucial for optimising your candidate journey

Candidate sentiment analysis and engagement scoring helps to identify promoters and grow your business via Ratecard

Identify promoters and grow your business

Our proprietary candidate sentiment analysis and engagement scoring helps you to identify promoters (or detractors). Promoters are crucial for positive word-of-mouth, and help you to grow your business organically.

  • Find your promoters via our candidate sentiment analysis

    The candidate sentiment analysis shows you how positive (a) candidate(s) is/are about (a touch point within) your candidate journey

  • Visualise your candidate journey with engagement scores

    Get a visual overview of which candidate(s) is/are highly engaged, and which aren't - and create business opportunities

Manage your reputation with verified reviews that are indexed by and published via Glassdoor, Google, Indeed, and social media

Control your reputation and increase visibility

Identify happy moments within your candidate journey, and collect (publicly) verified reviews instead of (private) feedback there. We fact check each review, before publishing it. And you control your reputation by deciding whether to publish your company profile (or not).

  • Prove your reputation thanks to verified reviews

    We fact check and verify each review via big data analysis and human interpretation in order to prevent fake reviews from being published

  • Increase visibility via search, social media and job sites

    Prove your reputation by collecting and publishing reviews on Glassdoor, Google, Indeed and social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Ratecard is the perfect platform for collecting candidate feedback: it’s intuitive and user friendly. We use our ratings and reviews to get new clients and attract the best talent. Moreover, the feedback we receive helps us to improve every day.

Plans & pricing

Only pay for what you use

Pricing based on annual subscriptions per user per month. No credit card required.

€9.99 /mo

Employee experience management via BambooHR, Recruitee, Workable & Zapier

  • Unlimited forms

  • Unlimited contacts

  • Unlimited campaigns: email, SMS & web

  • Form logic: skip, route & validate

  • Basic widgets, leaderboards & reports

  • Google Rich Snippets

No credit card needed
Most popular
€14.99 /mo

Employee experience management via Emply, Lever, Namely, OTYS & Taleo

  • All Essential features

  • Library with industry-specific premium surveys

  • Data enrichment: custom variables, hidden fields & smart report filters

  • Collect reviews on Glassdoor, Google & Indeed

  • Automatically publish reviews on social media

No credit card needed
€19.99 /mo

Employee experience management via Greenhouse, ADP, Workday & Salesforce

  • All Advanced features

  • Multiple languages

  • Teams, roles & permissions

  • Premium widgets, leaderboards & reports

  • Group filters, limits & rules

  • Anonymize reviews

  • Blacklist

No credit card needed
Get full access to our API & webhooks, as well as premium support, domain authentication (SPF), a custom domain, allowed domains, and multiple brands for €24.99 per month

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