David Beckett
9.6 of 10
| NPS: +92 | 132 reviews
9.6 of 10 Rating
+92 NPS
132 Reviews
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Jelle Threels Didn’t do any business with this freelancer  

“Toffe gozer...”

Ik heb geen ervaring met hem, ik zag zijn filmpje van zijn pitchvideo , als ik referenties achterlaat zou ik 25 punten krijgen

r 9
ronald verbrugge Didn’t do any business with this freelancer  

“Ultimate pitcher, energy, top the point, engaging performer, get\'s the message across...”

I saw David pitch in New York on a large Finch Event, hired by a Dutch company. His appearance on stage made all the difference for the company that hired him. Sublime content, great performance, energy, intriguing.

N 9
Nick Aldewereld Didn’t do any business with this freelancer  

“Geeft woorden en een verhaal aan bedrijven. Omschrijft ze eenvoudig doch kernachtig en vangt de essentie....”

Hij stelt zich nederig op, luistert en heeft een open mind. Ben blij dat hij zijn kennis aan het openstellen is voor de buitenwereld door zijn online cursus. Zodoende kunnen meer mensen hier voordeel uit halen.

w 9
willem schellekens Partner  

“passionate, empathic, honest,...”

worked with David in several occasions. He has the ability to give people feedback, always in a way that they are encouraged to get better. Very positive, whilst being critical

F 10
Freerk Bisschop Freelancer and/or independent contractor (providing party)  

“Beste pitch coach ever...”

Davd dis miracles to manystartups in bringing their business innovations and ventures on stage. He’s got a magic wand!

S 10
Sudhir Buxani Client, customer and/or hirer (hiring party)  

“Very good pitch teacher...”

Amazing videos and awesome pointers when educating on pitch deck and live pitching I have learned on how to entice investors

J 9
Jean Driessen Client, customer and/or hirer (hiring party)  

“Direct, caring, subtle yet functional...”

Pitch coach @ Vodafone Mobiles for Good Challenge (winner 2015). David assisted in building performing and delivering several length pitches.

A 10
Anonymous Client, customer and/or hirer (hiring party)

“One of the best pitch coaches in the world...”

When it comes to pitching, David is the first person I think of. Very professional, knowledgeable and willing to help. He has made his mission to change how we present ourselves and our work to the external world - a skill anyone should have.

A 10
Anonymous Partner

“Trustworthy Storyteller...”

By following his heart David has set himself as the authority in the Netherlands and beyond on pitching. David does this with a grace and humour only a non-Dutch could do. David gives without asking and that makes him a great human being.

H 10
Hege Kolberg Partner  

“professional, inspirational, knowledgeable, happy...”

He was the most inspirational in product management in Canon. He knew his products and were able to sell the \"stories\" about then in a way that we would belive in and go for success.

Company information

Website: best3minutes.com
Headquarters: Netherlands
Industry: Marketing and Advertising

I'm here to ensure your great ideas have a voice.
Pitch Trainer: coached over 400 Startups to make outstanding pitches and raise over €100 Million investment - and to win over $3 Million in prize money at pitching competitions.

Creator of The Pitch Canvas© (download free at Best3minutes.com)
TEDx speech coach (Amsterdam, CERN, Munich).
Author of the book 'Three Minute Presentation' (over 150,000 readers so far)

Senior Pitch Coach at Startupbootcamp. Associate Partner at Innoleaps: Innovation within Corporates. Coached pitch winners at the TEDx Innovation Award, Dutch Open Hackathon, The Green Challenge and The Ignite Award.

Customers include: Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, Philips, Vodafone, TomTom, Rabobank, ING, Thales, Mars, TomTom, The Green Challenge, Cargill, My Order, Canon, Belkin, The Impact Hub, European Cultural Foundation.

Contact me to find out how I can help you turn your message into a business and customer winning story.
0031 (0)615 689 958, david.beckett@Best3minutes.com