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We improve the quality of flexible work

Introducing a habit

Say hello to a new habit in the gig economy: feedback. The gig economy is made up of freelancers, clients and intermediaries. After each gig or project, they provide each other with feedback. This feedback is verified by us, as the independent third party fact-checking each review via a big data analysis.

Who we are

We are Ratecard: the independent review engine with ratings and reviews of the gig economy. We are part of and owned by New-IT, a Dutch technology company located near Amsterdam in The Netherlands (Europe), and a sister company of VictorMundi B.V., initiator of the Client Awards, the Freelancer of the Year Awards and the Staffing Awards.

Focus on quality

Our mission is to improve the quality of flexible work. We truly believe in the gig economy, because project-based workers focus on their strength, passion or quality. Also, companies need flexibility, specialism and capacity at scale on demand. Online reviews improve the chances of success for a freelancer with 78%, the effectiveness of the project-based workforce at companies with 37% and the revenues of intermediaries with 16%. Top clients and intermediaries like AEGON and Harvey Nash, together with many rockstar freelancers, trust Ratecard to measure their candidate and client satisfaction.

Meet our team

  • Jeroen (CEO)
  • Robbie (COO)
  • Peter (CCO)
  • Kay (CTO)

Contact us

Do you have a question, remark and/or suggestion and can’t you find an answer via our page with frequently asked questions? Please let us know via support@ratecard.io or give us a call via (+31)(0)88 35 35 135. We’re looking forward to helping you out!

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