Our mission: improve the world every day

Improve yourself and your company every day with feedback

Say hello to a new habit: collect feedback every day. Your company’s ecosystem is made up of employees, customers and suppliers. In each stage of your process, they can provide you with feedback and help you improve. You manage your reputation by keeping this feedback private or publishing it as a review via search engines and social media.

We are Ratecard – the feedback tool that integrates with your processes in real-time, and helps you collect feedback on autopilot. Our mission is to help you and your business improve every day. This is how it works:

  1. Build your own feedback form or pick one of our templates;
  2. Import your contacts in real-time from apps and tools that you already use;
  3. Collect feedback via our email or text templates with high conversion rates;
  4. Measure, benchmark and track your company and team performance; and
  5. Manage your reputation by keeping feedback private or publishing it.

Successful companies like Aegon, Harvey Nash and Oliver James Associates, together with many rockstar freelancers, trust Ratecard to collect feedback that helps them improve their business every day. Are you ready to focus on quality and grow like a champion? Get started or request a demo.

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