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Customer success stories

Over 8,000 companies improve their business every day with Ratecard

Successful companies translate feedback in service

Thijs Maters
Harvey Nash Nederland
Thijs Maters
Harvey Nash Nederland

Is part of Harvey Nash Plc., a listed organization that focuses on selection and recruitment solutions. Harvey Nash is established in 1988 and has, since then, grown into one of the 50 largest recruitment organizations worldwide. Harvey Nash is also one of the bigger parties on the flex market in The Netherlands. The core activities of Harvey Nash in The Netherlands consist of secondment, contract management and recruitment and selection.

Feedback makes a qualitative contribution to the matching process

G√ľnther Schraven
G√ľnter Schraven

Is the IT consultancy company of KPN. KPN Consulting brings people, ideas and technology together, to make organizations successful, today and tomorrow. With 1,000 professionals, KPN Consulting oversees the complete field, leads the way in its discipline and translates the new developments to chances and concrete solutions. In this success story, you learn via an interview with G√ľnther Schraven, Manager Sourcing & External Hire at KPN Consulting, how they use feedback and suggestions of flexible employees to improve their services.

Valuable conversation with clients and candidates

Timon van Groningen
Timon van Groningen

Is a secondment of IT professionals within the complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). They do not only work with end customers: the freelancer will never be placed at a customer via brokers. WIBA IT does not employ any people, which results in full independence in the secondment process. In this success story, you learn via an interview with Timon van Groningen, Marketing Manager at WIBA IT, how they use feedback and suggestions of clients and candidates to improve their services.

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